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Sew for Victory!

Sew for Victory!

A local group of vintage vixens will be holding a cocktails night at a lovely historical hotel. As someone with a small budding vintage wardrobe I realised that I’ll have to whip something up for it. Then I saw this:

I follow her on twitter (Feel free to follow me as @VintageAstrid) and this seemed brilliant.

After watching Land Girls and Bomb Girls, the “____ for Victory” spirit is alive and well. I love the spirit of people pitching in and working together for their common goal. Being little need to join a land army or baking for victory, Sewing for Victory solves the miniscule wardrobe issue and is a fun way to participate with others interested in a similar hobby.

On that note, I have this lovely vibrant pink linen that’s been in the closet for a while waiting for a great purpose. My plan is to use either this Retro Butterick pattern (Sleeved option):

OR use one from Tailor’s Apprentice, the Lilly Rose:

The fabric might be a little too heavy for the purpose so that might change but I think the pink would be delightful for Valentines weekend.

I plan to post pics of my progress as I go and might need some encouragement as sewing isnt’ something I love anymore. Although, I am making strides to change that. I’ve started sewing a vintage apron pattern I have. The fabric has been cut out and it will look simply darling when it’s done.

Fingers crossed that this domestic side continues. 🙂

Are you joining in on the #SewForVictory challenge?