An aspiring Vintage Vixen

Perfection and the Vintage Gal

Perfection and the Vintage Gal

I look at the stunning pictures of flawless vintage women and I wonder if I’m up to the challenge sometimes.


One of the most appealing parts of sporting a vintage style is the part of “Getting Dressed”. I wouldn’t┬ánecessarily┬ásay I get dressed for most occasions. Sure, I get ready but getting dressed is something entirely different.

For me, “Getting Dressed” means taking your time and focusing on the movements of preparing your style for the day. It starts off with a shower, feeling clean and fresh for the day. Then comes the fun part of “getting dressed”. Selecting the outfit you’ll wear that day, laying out each item of your clothing carefully, donning your shape wear with purpose,working your hair into the perfect coif, smoothing your curls and eliminating the flyaways. To sum it up, it means a heightened level of attention to detail in your appearance. You wouldn’t purposely wear a pair of hose with a run in them or a scuffed dirty shoe.

With Christmas Parties just around the corner it’s getting to be that time where people have an occasion to get dressed rather than just daily life. Our modern world has made it seem unusual to truly take the time in our appearance for anything less than a major holiday. We no longer dress for Supper. Often we come home and change into sweats rather than putting on a house dress. Its these social behaviours of style that the vintage community bring back by their dedication to the past.

What vintage style behaviour do you miss most?

How do you feel about getting dressed? Do you feel it’s become a lost art?