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Boot Sale

Boot Sale

Being as I’ve been out of town and unable to attend ANY of the local vintage events, when I found out that I was able to go to the Boot Sale in Edmonton today I was thrilled. I’ve keenly waited and planned my trip. Sadly my vintage clothes are packed so when the day came, I hobbled together an outfit and headed out to a pre-shopping breakfast with my bestie. 🙂

We decided to check out things indoors first. Wowsers. If you’ve never been to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall, I highly recommend a trip. Shannon and I wandered the aisles looking and chatting. The thing that struck me is that A) it’s actually rather affordable (the items I bought were between $5-$18) and B) the variety is awesome. There’s lots to see so make sure that you go with plenty of time to look. We were looking for specifics which made it much easier to behave. For me, I was looking for a few basic items (hats, gloves and brush/mirror sets) and Shannon was looking for a cake stand. We wandered the stalls looking at everything from the 1800’s to the 1990’s. We found barbies, a 4 piece set of Jem and the holograms dolls, Pink dishes, a mint green measuring cup, and so much more.

(I wish I had taken pics but sometimes you enjoy the moment by being in it, not behind the lens from it.)

My haul was rather impressive.