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Modern Land Girls

Modern Land Girls

I have random thoughts like most of you. One such thought is, given the money and time, could one live as a Land Girl in modern times. Would farming for a local charity (Food for the poor, the elderly, etc) be a feasible plan? And would forgoing modern conveniences like internet and cell phones be possible? And most of all, could I do it all alone?

It reminds me of Goode Neighbors, a BBC production from the 70’s about a man that gets fed up with work and decide to try living in complete self sufficiency meaning raising their own vegetables and animals for food, sewing their own clothes and selling/trading to acquire goods. Now, in the country side this would be a lot more acceptable but in the suburbs of England, it’s not such an acceptable idea, especially for the ultra conservative neighbors. A great cast plays out the pros, cons and challenges of this idea. It would be interesting but not impossible.

A desire to cut costs, get back to the land, and grow my own food are all driving factors in this ideal. If you were able to find a small plot of land with a well for water, and able to build a small basic home (Small meaning a 10ft x 20ft room at least) I think there’s a huge chance that this would be possible. Once the land and basic home is set up the initial farming wouldn’t be a huge challenge.

What amazes me is how grandiose and extraordinary that this idea seems. People for centuries had done this process over and over again. So why now, with our modern technology do we think it’s extreme? Are we so far removed from our farming roots that we only expect to purchase our food and pay others to perform what were seen as the basics only 70 years ago?

Perhaps one day everything will line up and I’ll be able to try it all out myself. It’s not a fancy life, listening to the radio at night, by candle light, while knitting or sewing clothes or writing/reading. ¬†Goodness it sounds magnificent though. I think it would also be fantastic while raising a child. Imagine a child raised without video games but rather with a host of books and outdoor play. How would that child be as opposed to one with all sorts of modern conveniences?

Like I said, it was a random thought that I felt was worthy of blogging about. I felt that the vintage blog was good seeing as it’s a vintage style life. Working on the farm, in a sweater you knitted yourself and pants you hand sewed, cooking with the produce from your own garden, sounds pretty vintage to me.

Keep up the good works.