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The rise and fall of the well meaning blogger

The rise and fall of the well meaning blogger

It’s be almost 7 months since my last post and I feel like a confession is in order.

goldenI have not been a great vintage enthusiast of late. I thought I’d write today about my failure in maintaining my vintage life.

It started off with moving back to a small town and having HORRIBLY COLD weather. Now, being a Canadian living in the wilds of the Saskatchewan prairies, when I say it was cold, I mean it was freezing. We had -60 weather. It was so cold my car laughed at me at one point when I tried to start it. Then there was the 2 snow banks that I ended up stuck in,… granted one was in my own driveway but still. It was a cold bitter winter/spring. You may think that this would mean I had more time to work on blogging but between the power outages and trying to stay warm my thoughts were elsewhere.

Finally we got some heat in our frozen lands which shortly translated into drastic flooding. How drastic you ask? Well, drastic enough to have a state of emergency declared and prompted a visit from the Provincial Minister.

In the midst of all this the most frustrating part of my vintage life is that I went blonde. That in itself isn’t a bad thing but in doing so I’ve made my hair hateful to curling and it’s been a little on the damaged side. I tried pin curls with my new hood dryer (post on that to come soon) and my hair looked like I was part french poodle. Pin curls looked terrible. *sigh*

So without the hair, the make up looks so so and the dresses look nice but not vintage.

However, the flood waters are almost dried up and the warm weather is here so be prepared for some summer vintage posts about whatever my little brain comes up with. 🙂

I’m off to say 10 hail Dior, and 6 our Coco Channel’s and will report back soon.

How has your spring been?