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When geekdom meets vintage obsession

When geekdom meets vintage obsession

AGENT CARTER On January 6, 2015 Agent Carter burst onto our televisions in prime time TV with a brilliant cast, classic vintage costuming, and fantastic set design. For those that aren’t geeks, Peggy Carter is a part of the Captain America storyline. She is a fierce and intelligent agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR). I adored the Captain America movies and was eager to see how they would do on the TV series.

If you’re not a comicbook fan, you may find yourself tuning in for the great cast and vintage visual opulence. The cast features well known faces such as Dominic Cooper, Chad Michael Murray, James D’Arcy, Shea Whigham, as well as the likes of Ray Wise which really impresses.

The first episode features classic comicbook plot lines as well as clips from the Captain America: the First Avenger movie. Set in WW2 in the fictional version of the Captain America movie universe, the SSR fights to keep the nation safe starting by hunting down Howard Stark (Father to Tony Stark, aka Ironman) for selling weapons to US enemies. Due to the attitudes of the time, Agent Carter is seen by her team as better suited for the secretarial department due to her sex rather than as the Agent rank she holds. However she manages to exceed their expectations while seeking to clear Howard Stark’s name with the aid of his Butler Jarvis. Action and adventure ensue.

For those of us that are geeks and are familiar with the movies/comics, they have treated us with little details (like his Butler Jarvis, clips from the Captain American movies and of course, the little hints to classic villains). But enough about the geekdom, lets get to the styles!

Style and the modern looks

One of the great things about a show like this coming to prime time is that it inspires the mainstream Uniform style

     For those of us that are fans of vintage 1940’s style, the costuming department has given us great daily styles as well as inspiration for what to wear for an evening out. Her uniform and work attire are fitted, often featuring a tailored pencil skirt and a loose blouse tucked in at the waist. And of course the thigh high stockings held up with garters as every classy lady would. 

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Agent Carter does have a great “going out” style. Pink piping on a black button down dress and always paired with deep red lipstick her style is classic 40’s. Her smooth curls hang loosely to her shoulders (Aside from when she sports a wig).

Day outfit

And of course, we all know that any style would not be complete without accessories. It comes down to the hat, the lipstick, the shoes, the red nail polish and of course every good agent needs a watch to make sure they never miss a blind drop.

Will you tune into Agent Carter and follow her escapades?

Have you been inspired by her style?

I’d love to hear from you.