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A step back into the 20’s

A step back into the 20’s

A friend recently had a birthday party with a 20’s prohibition theme. I was excited and was going to buy a beaded flapper dress for the occasion. Sadly though, funds didn’t work out and I improvised. I opted for a dress from my closet with a 20’s feel (bias cut skirt) and then set to make it an outfit.

The Outfit


The overall look worked because of the elements involved. The long strands of pearl necklaces, the headband (even though it was a flower and not a bangle I think it worked) and the definite 20’s hair style with the make up.

The hair was really an improvisation. I put my hair in rollers the night before and let it air dry over night Then before the party I brushed out the curls (Yay for 40’s hair styling experience) and with a little teasing, built body away from the scalp. I pinned my curls to the headband and voila! (Not pictured is the t-bar shoes and the art deco manicure. This picture was the trial run of the look. The hair and make up was different on the day)

Make up

2015-02-07 23.20.37

Now the make up was a bit trickier to achieve than I’d expected. I neutralised the colour of my lips so that I could create a deep red “Clara Bow” lip look (the perfect cupid’s bow) but using just the lipstick without a lip brush it got a bit bigger than I’d wanted. The cheeks were done with a different shade of lipstick, applied to the cheeks in a circular pattern (I used my finger to apply as I didn’t want it to be too red). The smoky eye was my struggle. I don’t wear a lot of eye shadow on a daily basis so to do this thick dark look was tough. I lined the eye with the shadow on the upper and lower lids then continued to cover the upper eye lids. Adding the mascara helped complete the look.

Overall it was a great time. Some folks dressed up and they did a great job of their costumes. It was interesting to see the different styles from the era.

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