An aspiring Vintage Vixen

First post

First post

Like the first page in a new book or the fresh uncut peice of linen, the first post in a blog is prestine, perfect, imaculate. It’s all shiney and new and ready to be filled with hope and amazing words.

I have another blog, and while I have posted some vintage inspired things there, I decided to start a new blog dedicated wholly to becoming a vintage vixen.

What do I hope to achieve with this blog?

1) My first goal is to have a blog solely dedicated to all things 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

2) To explore life in those eras while living in the modern world

3) To network and discuss relevant topics with similar minded folks

4) To have an awesome vintage inspired life in a modern world

So please feel free to comment often and chat with me about your opinions and any topics you’d like to see covered. 🙂

Farewell for now bunny!