An aspiring Vintage Vixen

Perveyors of Vintage Goods

Vintage styling starts with great suppliers of everything from Makeup, Clothes, and Accessories.

Benefit Cosmetics

My list begins with Makeup. And when it comes to suppliers for makeup and beauty products hands down my favorite brand is Benefit Cosmetics

Their products are top quality while giving you a flawless vintage look from the perfect winged eye liner, amazing brow products and their Dr Feelgood mattifying balm gives you a velvety smooth complexion.

Here’s the top products I recommend:

Soap & Glory

When it comes to having beauty products for showering or having a soapy bubble bath I can’t think of anything greater than Soap and Glory Their whimsical retro packaging coupled with their modern take on vintage scents is amazing.


Clothes make the man (And vintage woman) and the products at Heyday couldn’t be more perfect! I have a few great pieces from that make my vintage style come to life from the high waisted trousers to their Martha blouses.

Betty Blues Loungewear

When you’re dreaming of vintage clothes there’s an image of swanning about in a vintage night gown or body contouring robe. Betty Blue’s Loungewear has everything you’ll  need.


For vintage and quirky fashion Modcloth is a great all round online shopping location. Sometimes you have to sift through their more modern goods but I find they have a wonderful assortment of vintage awesomeness from clothing to shoes to household goods,

Etsy & Thrift Shops

Searching Etsy can give you some of the best treasures you can find. I have a green cardigan with a double V for Victory sewn over the heart.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Whether your ideal style is body contour dresses, rockabilly shirts and jeans, 50’s swimsuits, or circle skirt halter dresses, Pinup Girl Clothing has everything you need to make your style happen.

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