An aspiring Vintage Vixen

Vintage people I adore and follow

When it comes to vintage style there are a host of women that I adore, admire and look up to. Here’s a few of their blogs, twitter accounts, and anything else I have found about them.

May they inspire you as much as they have me!

Betty Bee is a delightful and stunning woman that has a great blog which offers reviews on products, crafts and of course how to acheive great style.

Jill MacLachlan’s twitter calls her: the proprietress of Adeline’s Attic Vintage, 1930’s fashion obsessed clotheshorse, with a love of Movies, Foxtrotting, good food and wine, and her Cavalier Spaniel. Follow her at @AdelinesAttic.

Lipstick and Curls is the company that the talented Amanda Moorhouse’s founded in 2009.  The Vintage hair & beauty specialists for parties, events, weddings and personal styling

Reeree Rockette is a constant inspiration for me. I found her on twitter a while back and have followed her since. From her fantastic line of lipstick (Rockette Red is stunning in photos and it lasts!!!) to her hair salon, she is a smart and talented woman that also has amazing personal style. @Reereerockette

Laurie Callsen is in my opinion a local treasure. Laurie shares her love of the past as the vintage & retro lifestyle blogger at her style. Meeting her in real life, she looks as though she’s stepped directly out of the past with style and grace. @RetroLaurie

Fleur McGerr is literally the woman in the vintage ad. That’s how I first came across her and she was probably my first inspiration for the “I want to be like her” thought of becoming a vintage vixen. I encountered her on twitter as @FleurDeGuerre and was not disappointed. Her blog is delightful, humourous and helpful. I highly recommend reading it.

Va Voom Vintage is a fantastic vintage seller on etsy that offers great fashions. Her twitter says she’s a vintage mommy, crafty chick and fashion blogger which is evident from her posts @vavoomvintage.

And lest I forget the talented photographer Southern Retro! Southern Retro is A photographic collection of individuals for whom reviving and reliving a vintage or retro style isn’t just a weekend thing but something they live day to day. Talk about inspiration for being a Vintage Vixen! Follow them at @SouthernRetro

I wanted to add the lovely and talented Lexi DeRock (@LDVintageVixen). Her site boasts a plus size pinup in search of all things gorgeous, glam and bygone. I adore her honest and witty blog. Often when you see vintage it’s all teenie and perfectly small sizes. She makes me feel better about being a plus sized pinup. Please check her out:

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